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Treadmill Buying Guide

A treadmill will help you to run in all weather without paying gym fees. Also, it helps you have more TV time as well as enjoy all the perks of not leaving the house to exercise. That’s why you should choice this handy bit of equipment. However, there are many options for you when you are looking for a treadmill. And, they are not cheap. Choosing the best treadmill for running will help you achieve your fitness goals. Our article will give you advice on what to find when shopping for a treadmill.

What to Look For

An expensive treadmill offers a wide range of programs and features. Don’t worry, when you get used to them, it will be fairly easy to operate them.

Display panels

Each treadmill must have clear instructions that help you to use as well as read easily. Thus, it’s easy to access the information you want when you walk or run.


There are some programs listed such as speed, distance, and time. Some others are just time-based. It’s essential to try to run the programs. And, you will know what you think you will need. Moreover, don’t forget to check there's enough variety to keep you motivated.

Recovery programs

Some treadmills have these programs in order to test your physical condition. With recovery programs, you can assess how quickly your pulse returns to normal after exercising.


To determine the stability of a treadmill, you need to try the treadmill in the shop. Make sure that the machine feels stable, sturdy, and smooth when you are jogging and walking.

Belt size

You should choose a treadmill having the belt that is long and wide enough for the heaviest, fittest, and tallest users. The most important thing is a test run.


With a well-cushioned deck, you will get many benefits. It helps to protect your joints and ligaments, absorb the force of your step.

Foot panels

The foot panels must be wide enough to stand on. They should ensure to make you balance before stepping on the treadmill.


When going shopping you should have a listen in the shop. You can gauge how noisy the treadmill is by making a quick call on your phone. If the noise the treadmill makes is too big, the users will think about stopping using treadmills. Especially, they use it in front of the TV or while listening to music.

Safety key

This feature is especially important for a treadmill. You should purchase the machine offering this feature. You need to pull the key out stops the treadmill immediately if you slip suddenly as well as stop in a hurry.

Pulse sensors

We recommend you to put pulse sensors in a position where you can reach them easily in order to monitor your heart rate while exercising. Your movement won’t also be impeded when you are working out. It’s ideal to have the sensors on a front handlebar.


In conclusion, we’ve purposed to help you understand how to buy a treadmill that will be suitable for your needs. When choosing one, you need to consider the best combination of features, components, and warranties to choose one fit your budget.

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